Sunday, 3 May 2015

This is not about only mother.................

Situ-“No...No!!!she \he will  be mama`s kid”
Gituli-“Daydreamer !!! that will be papa`s kid”
Situ- “we will see.”
Gituli-“Sure, there will be no other option for you apart from seeing."

         Do you know who is this couple fighting over this stupid thing ???? yes!! its us, me and my husband .Exactly after  30 days i gave birth to a cute little Angel. She was so tiny that when the nurse brought her to us, wrapped with a saree it looked like a small bundle of clothes. She handed over first to my husband. When  he was about to hold, a cute little leg with so tiny fingers  popped out  and touched his hand. He held her near to his chest now. And guess what !!!she just adjusted her tiny head (with countable hairs) closer to his chest as if she wanted to get all the warmth/ of his body. I was simply immobile ,resting straight on my bed with one bottle of saline and one bottle of blood connected to my veins. He brought her near to me .I was just started comparing her cute little face with mine. I felt few drops of water. “Ohh,no!!!!has she done susu(pee)??”.....When i looked up. I saw my husband’s(Gituli) eye filled with tears. Few drops of tears were rolling down to his trembling lips. His face and eyes were reflecting his unconditional love ,care and affection for our baby. I just hold his hand. He kept our little angel in the cot near to my bed. Then he turned towards me , Kissed on my head and said, ”Thank You”. His kiss explained how much content and overwhelmed he was. At that time i was able to understand its not only me (Mother) who carried the baby for 9th months within myself  wanted the baby to out, There somebody else was also there who was restless to hold his baby ,Its  none other than a my husband(a father)....                   

        I was completely on bed rest for last 2 days not able to do anything for the baby. Gituli(my husband) stayed awake for the whole day and night and took good care of  all our very needs. I was not able to sit . So i was not able to feed my baby as well. My baby was on infant powder milk. Gituli fed the baby on every two hours as per doctor`s instruction. On the second day, at 1 a.m., baby suddenly started crying. He tried so much to make her calm. He could not even wake me up. He was just clueless why she was crying. She called up home and asked for advice from the experienced persons (papa,mama,Grandma). Then he rushed near to baby and checked her diaper.”OMG!!Shit”  he told with closed eyes and raised nose. And it was actually our daughter’s shit. He was not left with any other options so he cleaned her cute little bumps with wet wipes , applied some powder and wore her diapers. Now whenever i am telling him to clean baby`s potty, he is giving me  excuse as if he had won any gold medal by cleaning his baby`s first potty after birth. But every time in the night he is  singing lullabies to make her sleep. How much hectic schedule he has, he does not get irritated with the baby`s cry rather than try to make her quite. Now our baby is 6 months old instead of calling “Maa-Mama” she  is calling “Papa”. From this you can imagine how well my husband is connected with the baby. Even while taking her to hospital for vaccination or going out for some function , he never mind to hold her instead he forced me to give her to him.                                 
              That's  true for 9 months i carried the baby inside, with lot of pain i gave birth to her. But i know how much eager, restless her father was to hold her in his hands. How many plannings  he has made to make her baby love him more than me. So in this male dominated society those who tell for a new born baby a mother  is completely responsible for its growth ,as she is feeding her. Wake up!!!!!Wake up!!!! its time for a change. Though a father cannot feed his child but at least by trying out this small things like my husband, he can also be connected more to his kid.As i said in my heading.

         “This is not about only a mother.........its about father too!!!!!!!!”




  1. haha
    very nice post.... But a little dramatic :D
    Guess I need to write my view as well

  2. Awww....Such a cute post. I could feel your emotions while going through it.

  3. Super soumya ... well narrated

  4. Super soumya ... well narrated